NHS funding for BfB’s newest product

BfB Labs receives almost £1 million in funding for mobile game that tackles anxiety in young people.

BfB Labs is excited to announce an award of £964,308 from SBRI Healthcare; an NHS initiative that seeks to solve unmet health needs in innovative new ways.

BfB Labs is one of just six pioneering medtech organisations to receive support from SBRI, following an initial round of funding last year. This second injection of funds will enable the company to complete the product development of our new digital intervention to support 7 - 12 year olds who suffer from anxiety. 

Half of mental health disorders start by age 14, and 10% of children in the UK have a diagnosable disorder. Existing human-led healthcare provision is struggling to cope with demand, meaning that waiting lists are long, with only those in crisis receiving effective treatment. 70% of young people with disordered anxiety do not access any support at all. 

BfB’s highly engaging and clinically evidenced mobile game seeks to provide meaningful support for young people with low to medium anxiety. The product incorporates graded exposures to players’ fears into gameplay. In doing so, it facilitates exposure therapy, one of the key components of Cognitive Behavioural Thearapy (CBT), the NICE recommended intervention for anxiety. The game can be delivered independent of, or prior to, direct therapist support. For mental health service providers, this offers an early intervention that is scalable, cost-effective and evidence-based, with the potential to reduce CAMHS waiting list times and be deployed in harder-to-reach geographies or user segments.

Supported by academic partners at the University of Reading and MindTech, and clinical partners at Wellbeing Suffolk, BfB Labs tested the intervention in a usability pilot in January 2019, and with the funding from NHS England we will now complete the product development, clinically validate the intervention through a trial, with an aim to launch to the market in mid 2020.

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We are actively seeking conversations with CCGs, NHS foundation trusts, and other mental health care providers who are interested in early-adopter pilots in 2020. If that's you then get in touch: