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Better evaluation for health interventions

Protecting patients from poorly evidenced treatments



There are more than 300,000 new health innovations in the market, but less than one in ten thousand have gathered any evidence at all that supports their claims of efficacy. It’s easy to blame product creators for being callous with people’s health but the truth is that existing research processes are failing creators and their products.

The average cost of a small clinical trial is £2 million and such a trial might take four years from conception to conclusion. The cost of taking on every participant can be as much as £5,000 and those participants are very likely to drop out before the end of a trial. Digital health interventions are resistant to traditional evaluation methods because they change constantly in response to information from users.

Universities and health tech businesses want to provide high quality research that proves patients can have confidence in using new innovations, and organisations like the NHS can safely procure them. Our evaluation product, codenamed ‘Plato’, provides a platform that makes this easier than ever to achieve.


The creation of the nation’s first fully digital Clinical Trials Unit. Utilising Plato, our digital evaluation platform, researchers are able to collect and analyse data from research participants quickly and automatically, massively reducing the administrative burden of conducting ambitious and rapid research.



  • Initial ethnography interviewing researchers, business leaders and trial participants from six different sectors

  • Building partnerships with UK universities and NHS organisations

  • Formulating and validating value proposition alongside potential customers

  • Co-creation sessions with researchers, academics, business owners and product leaders

  • Market assessment and creation of business models

  • Mapping of customer experience, customer organisations and ecosystem

  • Creation of multiple potential concepts for development


  • Rapid prototyping alongside co-creation partners

  • Synthesising of full product concept to bring into development

  • Iterative development of MVP

  • Pilot trials conducted in Q2 2019




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